Palettes for $12 or Less!

Welcome back to another blog post.

Let’s start with the facts. Makeup is EXPENSIVE. We all know that, and with new brands everywhere, it can easily get extremely expensive. It’s hard to keep up with all of them!! I’m just being straight honest with you guys as always.

The other day I went shopping at Kohl’s. It was the first time I went back to Kohl’s after a good minute staying away to avoid impulsively shopping. Kohl’s has a beauty department if you didn’t know, and while I was at the check out line I saw these three palettes. The cover caught my attention, it reminded me a bit of KylieCosmetics. Minus the mirror in the eyeshadow palettes. I decided to play with them while I waited in the line. I mean, there’s never a time I don’t stop and touch makeup or clothing. I like to feel the texture of clothes or makeup. The packaging of all three is pretty decent. Pretty stiff after opening, but for the price, I can’t complain. I did use some Kohl’s Cash for my entire purcashe so it definitely cost me even less!

Palette #1 | Highlighter |

STROBE & GLOW 4 shade highlighter palette.

The price was $12.99 dollars. As you can see in the image, it has that shiny, plastic look to it. However, it does give some shimmer. Not like your favorite Anastasia Beverly Hills palette would, but it gets the job done. I wouldn’t say they’re creamy, but again it’s surpringly good for the price. I purchased these for future Halloween looks or in general to really dig in them and do my favorite artistic makeup looks.

Palette #2 | Peach Scented eye shadow |

Peach Scented Eye Shadow 9 Shade Palette.

The price was $10.99 dollars. It’s supposed to have “Peach” Scent, however, I didn’t smell much peach? I had to really hold it close to my nostrils to really get some peach scent and I could smell a bit of chemical and maybe some peach mixture if anything. But, this was my favorite palette of all three. “Bellini” shade is probably the most pigmented of all three matte shades. “Calypso” disappointed me. I really thought it would have more pigment. Overall, this palette is nice for my natural girls.

Palette #3 | Mulberry eye shadow |

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Mulberry Eye Shadow 9 Shade Palette.

The price was also $10.99. Out of the two eye shadow palettes, I must say this one has more pigment. “Wild” and “Queen” really took me by surprise. The matte shades are okay, but if you really like pigmented color and prefer more of that bold look. You might be dissapointed. However, if you would like to save some cash and makeup is not your dialy thing, I say give this palette a try. “Diva” and “Pink Fizz” are definitely great colors. All shades are pretty soft, and do feel somewhat creamy.

There’s EVEN MORE!

They have a Metallic and Holographic 9 Shade Eyeshadow Palette! + Another eyeshadow palette! I found them while searching about them. I am definitely interested in the Metallic and Holographic! So, stay tuned babes!

I hope you guys enjoy this post. Don’t forget to check out my YouTube Channel, where I have the video using the Peach Scented palette, or simply click PLAY & watch on the video below! xoxo -Izzy!


My favorite eyelash curlers

Shiseido eyelash curler

Do  you struggle with eyelash curlers? Today I’m going to talk about my long term favorite eyelash curler, current favorite and a new one I’m trying. In my previous post about lashes + mascara (to read about it click here ) I talked about the time of my discovery about eyelash curlers, my favorite mascara, and even the tragedy I went through when I used a very cheap eyelash curler. Don’t get me wrong, some cheap stuff are good. I love saving! But I quickly learned not be so cheap when it comes to my eyes. Affordable sounds better! So I want to share with you my favorites and personal tips.

Let’s get started.

Note: Please know this post includes affiliate links. Meaning, If you decide to buy any resource through the link I provide to you. I get compensated at no extra charge to you! A more detailed disclosure policy is coming soon! Thank you for your support!

First of all, NO! I haven’t tried every eye lash curler. There’s too many! And if you read about my favorite mascara  . You’ll discover why I’m very picky about my eyelash curler. The eyelash curlers I’ve found, keep my lashes curled all day, and when curling my lashes it fits my eyelid perfectly! Which is very important. This way you’re actually curling every eyelash, and not leaving a few out. I’ve notice that when you leave a few out, they don’t turn out evenly curled, so when using an eyelash curler that doesn’t fit the eyelid, you’ll have a harder time achieving that evenly natural curl look. When applying mascara to uneven curl lashes, it can also get messy. You’ll end up with a short lashes look. That weird, spider look.

1. Tweezerman! This eyelash curler has been my favorite for years  now! Can’t go wrong with it, plus it’s so affordable. Pad is long lasting, hypo-allergenic, and silicone. This eyelash curler fits my lid perfectly! I personally love the ones that come in a pack. It’s perfect for a forgetful person like me. You don’t want to keep the same one forever. Take care of your lashes girl!!

2. MUD (Makeup Designory). Professional quality, also another of favorites! I like to switch between Tweezerman and this one. They both give me the same results. Both of the brands have silicone pad, and both fit my eyelid perfectly! Which is key to achieve those natural looking curl eyelashes.

3. Shiseido! This one is new to me. I’ve heard great things about it, so I decided to purchase it and try it out myself. This is a great one for my Asian girls. In fact, when I worked cosmetics, this eyelash curler was always selling. The material is great. However, Tweezerman remains my main!

 Why do I love these eyelash curlers?

  1. The pad is great quality. Which give long lasting curl results for my thick, straight lashes.
  2. The metal construction is great! Fits the eyelid great, which is key when curling the lashes. This way, I can curl little by little to the end of the tips of my lashes. I start gently, and repeat as I go. I will talk more in detail about it in a future post.
  3. Professional results.

Things I look for before I try a new eyelash curler, or do before curling my eyelashes.

  • I close it tight a good 2-3 xs before going to the eyes – This is my way of preventing any future accidents to my eyelashes. I like to squeeze the pad a few seconds before use.
  • Check the metal construction! Especially when trying a new one. Sounds weird, I know. But I’m very mindful about this! After accidentally pulling ALL of my  eyelashes from my left eyelid, I now make sure the metal material, and the feeling of the grip when holding an eyelash curler is in good shape or quality.
  • No-stick pad
  • Avoiding oils, hand creams, or anything that will cause my hands to feel greasy prior to curling my eyelashes.
  • Replacing my eyelash curler frequently, and the pad as well. Once it gets old, if you pay attention, you start to kind of force your eyelash curler to get tighter when curling, this can cause damage to your lashes! #protectyourlashes girl!
  • Clean any residue from previous use, and Sanitize! Can’t explain this one enough. I shouldn’t have to go into detail for this one. Just be mindful about it. When you’re curling your eyelashes, you’re getting very near to your eyes! Also, you don’t want something like, previous mascara residue pulling your lashes. You never know! It’s better to be safe.
  • Make sure it fits my eyelid! If it feels funny, I don’t bother risking it.

 Remember, take care of your eyelashes to keep them healthy for long lasting, beautiful lashes. I hope you found this post helpful! 

xoxo Izzy


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