Halloween 2017

Hey there! It’s been a minute since I’ve posted on the blog, but here’s another post! My favorite time of the year is finally here again!! I decided to start off this year’s Halloween with this eye look. Makeup + Halloween = Happiness!

My favorite product for this look and what I’ll probably continue to use this month is the Mineral Eyeshadow in Melting Maple by MPrincess. If you follow me on my facebook page, you probably know about it already. I got it inside my itsy bag! Which the bag was a gift from my hairdresser. I’m not sure why it took me a minute before I gave this brand a try? It wasn’t until one of my clients from this summer’s Quincenera bookings, who asked for a very particular eyeshadow look… Pigment!! And this brand had my client jumping! I try my hardest to deliver what my clients want and this was “The One” for her. So, let’s jump right into it!

The brand’s name is MPrincess. You can visit their site and learn more about them by clicking here.

They offer shimmer shadow to some matte ones too! I’m pretty excited to order this and I will definitely give you a review on the matte ones. I applied dry at first, then I sprayed a little fix plus from Mac Cosmetics onto my brush for the second round. Even though I applied shadow twice, you’ll realize you don’t need much to get pigment. Also, it surprisingly remained lightweight on my eyelids! Which they do mention on their site. They also recommend using their brush for a smooth and blendable finish. Although I didn’t use their brush, I believe the shadow deliver the same results. If you like to know about product ingredients, their site has it on each eyeshadow, which is awesome.

I’m glad I gave this brand a try and will probably order a few more mineral shadows from them for the holidays. As mentioned on their site. The brand is a Cruelty-Free Mineral makeup line and their packaging is recycled materials and remains 100% recyclable. I find it amazing when brands are capable to do this and I believe we should try supporting it. So, if you’re a girl that prefers the mineral makeup, I believe this brand is for you my love. I encourage you to give it a try. Did I mention they offer foundation and blush? I hope you enjoy this post! Stay tuned to my Youtube Channel for this Months Halloween looks! And like always, thank you so much for stopping by love and if you’re new Welcome! I hope you enjoy my blog.  Muahh!! -Izzy


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“Wild Thoughts” Makeup

Wild thoughts blue eye shadow

??? Wild, wild, wild, thoughts….???

Rihanna’s Makeup look for this video was just beautiful! The combination with the red lips was something so catchy. I loved it! And just like everyone else did, I also had to recreate the look. The hair was also my favorite! I’ve been really into short hair lately, considering I cut off my long hair not long ago. I’m so in love with it short + curly!! ❤️ (This post is focused on BASE, EYES & LIP product detail only.)

Her skin looked pretty bronzed and shimmery in the music video. To achieve that, I added an M.A.C pigment in “TAN” to my NARS foundation & mixed it all together. Before applying my foundation I spray M.A.C’s Mineralize water all over the face and decollete as a usual foundation routine & then go on with my well-mixed foundation.

Product Details for the eyes.

Eyelid base + under eye concealor | Radiant Creamy Concealer by NARS

Eye Shadow (I used 3 palettes for the look) |

Modern Renaissance by ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS | “Tempera” (Browbone), “Buen Fresco“, “Raw Sienna“, “Cyprus Umber” (Crease), and “Vermeer” (Browbone).

Waterline |“Emerald” by ELIZABETH ARDEN

 Balm Voyage palette by THE BALM COSMETICS| “C2” all over the lid & lower lash line.

      Electric palette by URBAN DECAY| Fringe” on lid & lower lash line…. applied after “C2“.

Tear Duct | “Vanilla” pigment by M.A.C.

Lips | Lip liner Hot Red by NYX × American Doll by ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS

Lashes | Ardell Lashes

Mascara | IM Natural × Clinique “Lash Doubling” (These two remain my favorite).



I hope you liked this look!! I LOVED IT! xoxo Izzy 

Rihanna's wild thoughts blue eye shadow inspiration


Sugar Candy Makeup



Bright & Pink!! Sugar looking creepy but cute makeup look!

Hello, babes! This is another of my favorite looks! Inspired by my wig ☺️

 |•Products I used for this look •|

♥Bh Cosmetics Palette |Eyes on the 60’s

♥ TooFaced Cosmetics Foundation |Born This Way

♥ NYX liquid Suede + liquid liner | Sway, Amethyst &White liquid liner

♥ Mac Cosmetics loose powder |Mineralize Foundation

♥ Lashes |Ardell


♠ Hat | Target

♠ Wig | 7 Mile Fashion

Thank you for stopping by!! 😉 xoxo Izzy

  • bright, pink makeup look.



How to clean your makeup brushes fast!

Cinema Secrets Brush cleaner Tin

How would you like to dip your makeup brush just once? You can with this professional brush cleaner!

Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner is perfect for all artist. I got introduced to it during my Make-up Artistry Program. Taught by professionals in the state of California. This is the brush cleaner they recommend and use. It’s a rinse-free formula, vanilla scented. I’m not the biggest fan of vanilla. To prevent smelling the scent I like to do a little extra cleanse to my brushes. I’m currently using MAC. It’s gentle & the scent is nice.

Note: Please know this post includes affiliate links.Did I mention Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner is also cruelty-free? Ha! Nice right? It’s great for both natural and synthetic makeup brushes. It really does condition my brushes! I love it. If you’re like me and use metal tools and spatulas. This cleaner is also great for them too, and according to their site, you can even use it to remove traces of wax. To clean your brushes, you can use it multiple ways. As shown in this video, I like to dip my makeup brushes. But you can also spray it. If you would like to read more about this amazing brush cleaner, you can visit their site cinemasecrets.com! Their site explains how-to use their brush cleaner.

Check out my video right from YouTube! Here.

** YouTube channel is in the works, subscribe or just stay tuned!**

I hope you enjoy this post! xoxo Izzy 🙂

ESP|¿Cómo te gustaría mojar tu cepillo de maquillaje solo una vez? ¡Usted puede con este limpiador profesional de brochas!

Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner es perfecto para todos los artistas. Descubri de este producto durante mi Curso de Maquillaje Artístico. Enseñado por profesionales en el estado de California. Este es el limpiador de brochas que recomiendan y usan. Es una fórmula sin necesidad de enjuagar tu brocha, con aroma a vainilla. No soy el mayor fan de la vainilla. Para evitar oler el olor todo el tiempo, me gusta hacer un poco de limpieza extra a mis brochas. Actualmente estoy utilizando MAC. Es suave y el olor es agradable.

¿Mencioné que Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner también es libre de crueldad? ¡JA! ¿Que bien, verdad? Es ideal para las brochas de maquillaje naturales y sintéticos. ¡Realmente condiciona mis brochas! Me encanta. Si eres como yo y usas herramientas metálicas y espátulas. Este limpiador también es ideal para ellos también, e incluso para eliminar los rastros de cera, de acuerdo a su pagina. Puedes usarlo de múltiples maneras. Como te muestro en este video, me gusta mojar mis brochas de maquillaje. Pero usted puede rociar o regar. Si usted quisiera leer más sobre este limpiador de brochas de maquillaje asombroso, puede visitar su sitio cinemasecrets.com! Su sitio explica cómo usar su limpiador para tus brochas de maquillaje.

¡Echa un vistazo a mi video desde YouTube! Aquí.

** El canal de YouTube está en proceso, suscríbete o simplemente estate atent@s! **

Espero que disfrutaste y aprendiste algo en este post! Xoxo Izzy 🙂

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 Beauty Blender Holder & Dryer


Here’s a great way to keep your beauty blender clean! Check out my first mini YouTube video! This rose gold egg shape holder for your beauty blender is the most adorable and cutest thing ever. This holder is cute even when it’s empty. I keep two. One for the vanity and the other one for the sink, this way I make sure I wash it & has a cute little home. It fits perfectly.

Esp| ¡Aquí está una gran manera para mantener su esponga de maquillaje (beauty blender) limpia! ¡Echa un vistazo a mi primer mini video de YouTube! Este soporte de la forma de huevo rosa de oro para su esponga de belleza, beauty blender, es la cosa más adorable y más lindo que nunca. Este lindo incluso cuando está vacío. Yo mantengo dos. Uno para la vanidad y el otro para el baño, de esta manera me aseguro que nunca esté tirado y se mantenga limpia. Queda perfecto, pues la medida es perfecta.


 I hope you enjoy this post! Stay tuned for the next mini video. xoxo -Izzy |Espero alla disfrutado de este post! Permanezca atento para el siguiente mini video. Xoxo -Izzy

Check out my first YouTube video right from YouTube here !

Note: Please know this post includes affiliate links.

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My favorite eyelash curlers

Shiseido eyelash curler

Do  you struggle with eyelash curlers? Today I’m going to talk about my long term favorite eyelash curler, current favorite and a new one I’m trying. In my previous post about lashes + mascara (to read about it click here ) I talked about the time of my discovery about eyelash curlers, my favorite mascara, and even the tragedy I went through when I used a very cheap eyelash curler. Don’t get me wrong, some cheap stuff are good. I love saving! But I quickly learned not be so cheap when it comes to my eyes. Affordable sounds better! So I want to share with you my favorites and personal tips.

Let’s get started.

Note: Please know this post includes affiliate links. Meaning, If you decide to buy any resource through the link I provide to you. I get compensated at no extra charge to you! A more detailed disclosure policy is coming soon! Thank you for your support!

First of all, NO! I haven’t tried every eye lash curler. There’s too many! And if you read about my favorite mascara  . You’ll discover why I’m very picky about my eyelash curler. The eyelash curlers I’ve found, keep my lashes curled all day, and when curling my lashes it fits my eyelid perfectly! Which is very important. This way you’re actually curling every eyelash, and not leaving a few out. I’ve notice that when you leave a few out, they don’t turn out evenly curled, so when using an eyelash curler that doesn’t fit the eyelid, you’ll have a harder time achieving that evenly natural curl look. When applying mascara to uneven curl lashes, it can also get messy. You’ll end up with a short lashes look. That weird, spider look.

1. Tweezerman! This eyelash curler has been my favorite for years  now! Can’t go wrong with it, plus it’s so affordable. Pad is long lasting, hypo-allergenic, and silicone. This eyelash curler fits my lid perfectly! I personally love the ones that come in a pack. It’s perfect for a forgetful person like me. You don’t want to keep the same one forever. Take care of your lashes girl!!

2. MUD (Makeup Designory). Professional quality, also another of favorites! I like to switch between Tweezerman and this one. They both give me the same results. Both of the brands have silicone pad, and both fit my eyelid perfectly! Which is key to achieve those natural looking curl eyelashes.

3. Shiseido! This one is new to me. I’ve heard great things about it, so I decided to purchase it and try it out myself. This is a great one for my Asian girls. In fact, when I worked cosmetics, this eyelash curler was always selling. The material is great. However, Tweezerman remains my main!

 Why do I love these eyelash curlers?

  1. The pad is great quality. Which give long lasting curl results for my thick, straight lashes.
  2. The metal construction is great! Fits the eyelid great, which is key when curling the lashes. This way, I can curl little by little to the end of the tips of my lashes. I start gently, and repeat as I go. I will talk more in detail about it in a future post.
  3. Professional results.

Things I look for before I try a new eyelash curler, or do before curling my eyelashes.

  • I close it tight a good 2-3 xs before going to the eyes – This is my way of preventing any future accidents to my eyelashes. I like to squeeze the pad a few seconds before use.
  • Check the metal construction! Especially when trying a new one. Sounds weird, I know. But I’m very mindful about this! After accidentally pulling ALL of my  eyelashes from my left eyelid, I now make sure the metal material, and the feeling of the grip when holding an eyelash curler is in good shape or quality.
  • No-stick pad
  • Avoiding oils, hand creams, or anything that will cause my hands to feel greasy prior to curling my eyelashes.
  • Replacing my eyelash curler frequently, and the pad as well. Once it gets old, if you pay attention, you start to kind of force your eyelash curler to get tighter when curling, this can cause damage to your lashes! #protectyourlashes girl!
  • Clean any residue from previous use, and Sanitize! Can’t explain this one enough. I shouldn’t have to go into detail for this one. Just be mindful about it. When you’re curling your eyelashes, you’re getting very near to your eyes! Also, you don’t want something like, previous mascara residue pulling your lashes. You never know! It’s better to be safe.
  • Make sure it fits my eyelid! If it feels funny, I don’t bother risking it.

 Remember, take care of your eyelashes to keep them healthy for long lasting, beautiful lashes. I hope you found this post helpful! 

xoxo Izzy


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“My favorite IM Mascara and why YOU need to try it!”


“I swear, whenever I interview any Mexican celebrity, they say that they love this mascara,” says Lopez. “It’s infused with mamey-seed oil.”

The fruit is loaded with vitamins and helps condition lashes. –

InStyle November 2015 Issue: Beauty International Shopping List

My favorite mascara is starting to expend! And thanks to Theebella.com I don’t have to ask someone to bring me a tube from my country. Along with Amazon, where I literally purchase everything. A few years back, I would have never imagined that I would be writing about the mascara that changed my LIFE! Literally. Here’s the thing about being a girl. We all LOVE beautiful long lashes. We admire and even envy those with the most beautiful natural lashes. So, I fell in love with this mascara by mistake. Let me tell you the story behind why and how I lost ALL of my eyelashes from my left eyelid, and how this mascara brought them back to life.

Note: Please know this post includes affiliate links. Meaning, If you decide to buy any resource through the link I provide to you. I get compensated at no extra charge to you! A more detailed disclosure policy is coming soon! Thank you for your support!

It all started the day I learned about an eyelash curler. That thing looked so scary!! I was under the age of 15. I wasn’t lucky enough to have natural curl lashes. My eye lashes are straight as my hair! But they’re actually not short, which is a plus. I just needed an eyelash curler + mascara in my life and boom! Life complete, or so I thought. The second I dominated how to use an eyelash curler, I applied the first mascara I got to my hands. To my disappointment, a few seconds after applying mascara to my curl lashes, my eyelashes went back to straight! The curl was gone. They didn’t even last a minute. At first I thought it was the mascara, so I begin to purchase different brands thinking I would find the one! You guessed it. I never found the one, at least not at the time. So, I begin to do what I like to call “tiplash” trick. It’s when I only applied mascara to the tips of my eyelashes, that was the only way my lashes remained curled. I still use this trick to this day, just differently. Which I will talk about in a different post.

Long story short. One day while I was in my country, with the eyelash curler I accidentally pulled off almost ALL of my eyelashes from my left eyelid. I should of never applied body lotion to my hands before curling my lashes, and I shouldn’t have been so cheap with my eyelash curler at the time. Girl, I’m telling you. I almost cried. I applied thick eyeliner and I was glad I had glasses!

All concerned, I asked my friend if she noticed anything and finally after telling her the truth behind my question, she laughed a little bit and said “Izamar! Just use this mascara and they will grow back to normal!” … Say what now?

Yes! Made with Mamey seed oil. This mascara helped my lashes grow back! Now, you might be wondering how I even applied mascara to an eyelid with  no lashes? Well, I literally begin to apply this mascara to my few chopped lashes. I also applied it to my right eyelid lashes. Expecting my lashes to lose their curl, to my surprise they DIDN’T. I waited to see. Waited, waited, waited and waited and OMG! My lashes remained nice and curled. Not even just curled, but actually the way I curled every one of them with the eyelash curler. That was my first experience of LOVE at first TRY with cosmetics. My lashes grew back to normal, quick and beautiful.

So what’s the secret behind the mascara? The answer is simple. Mamey Seed Oil + more. You can learn more about it in the link below.

Benefits of Mamey Seed Oil Mascara

So here are a few things from theebella’s site. Where they specializes in high-quality products that are not easy to find in the U.S. market.

  • All made with 90% natural ingredients

  • Mascara with Mamey Seed Oil.

  • TheeBella’s #1 selling product was recently featured by InStyle magazine as one of the best international beauty products. The secret ingredient to this mascara’s formula is the mamey-seed oil. Mamey-seed oil conditions your lashes and helps them grow thicker and longer.

  • These products have never been tested in animals and they promote the protection of the environment

  • natural organic oils, antioxidants and mineral plant extracts and hypoallergenic formula that is enriched with vitamin E.


It truly makes me proud to blog about my favorite mascara! Not only because it changed my life, but because it comes from my own country and as a new beauty blogger, Mexican born. This post is a dream.

And girl, or gentlemen if that’s the case. If you yourself, or someone you know struggles with lashes like mine. Have lost their lashes, have thin lashes or simply want longer, healthier and thicker lashes. Tag them to this post! And did I mentioned the price? You can find it for $6 dollars up to $10. Depending where you purchase it. The price is so affordable, it’s worth the try! Be patient with the mascara. Magic won’t happen one day to another, but if you have a hard time keeping your lashes curled, magic WILL happen. I love to use this mascara as a base before false lashes, and even just as my mascara base to maintain the lashes curled and then use my “tiplash” trick with other mascara brands if I want to be more dramatic. I hope you found this helpful.

To learn more about this mascara, you can visit www.theebella.com where you can also purchase it, or if you have an Amazon account, you can purchase it there too.

-xoxo Izzy