“Wild Thoughts” Makeup

Wild thoughts blue eye shadow

🎶🎶🎧 Wild, wild, wild, thoughts….🎧🎶🎶

Rihanna’s Makeup look for this video was just beautiful! The combination with the red lips was something so catchy. I loved it! And just like everyone else did, I also had to recreate the look. The hair was also my favorite! I’ve been really into short hair lately, considering I cut off my long hair not long ago. I’m so in love with it short + curly!! ❤️ (This post is focused on BASE, EYES & LIP product detail only.)

Her skin looked pretty bronzed and shimmery in the music video. To achieve that, I added an M.A.C pigment in “TAN” to my NARS foundation & mixed it all together. Before applying my foundation I spray M.A.C’s Mineralize water all over the face and decollete as a usual foundation routine & then go on with my well-mixed foundation.

Product Details for the eyes.

Eyelid base + under eye concealor | Radiant Creamy Concealer by NARS

Eye Shadow (I used 3 palettes for the look) |

Modern Renaissance by ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS | “Tempera” (Browbone), “Buen Fresco“, “Raw Sienna“, “Cyprus Umber” (Crease), and “Vermeer” (Browbone).

Waterline |“Emerald” by ELIZABETH ARDEN

 Balm Voyage palette by THE BALM COSMETICS| “C2” all over the lid & lower lash line.

      Electric palette by URBAN DECAY| Fringe” on lid & lower lash line…. applied after “C2“.

Tear Duct | “Vanilla” pigment by M.A.C.

Lips | Lip liner Hot Red by NYX × American Doll by ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS

Lashes | Ardell Lashes

Mascara | IM Natural × Clinique “Lash Doubling” (These two remain my favorite).



I hope you liked this look!! I LOVED IT! xoxo Izzy 

Rihanna's wild thoughts blue eye shadow inspiration


Sugar Candy Makeup



Bright & Pink!! Sugar looking creepy but cute makeup look!

Hello, babes! This is another of my favorite looks! Inspired by my wig ☺️

 |•Products I used for this look •|

♥Bh Cosmetics Palette |Eyes on the 60’s

♥ TooFaced Cosmetics Foundation |Born This Way

♥ NYX liquid Suede + liquid liner | Sway, Amethyst &White liquid liner

♥ Mac Cosmetics loose powder |Mineralize Foundation

♥ Lashes |Ardell

♠ Hat | Target

♠ Wig | 7 Mile Fashion

Thank you for stopping by!! 😉 xoxo Izzy

  • bright, pink makeup look.



Beauty for Moms on the Go!

product of makeup


How to stay flawless for the mom on the go! Summer is pretty much here and with sports etc! There’s no time for an hour to get ready. Feeling a face full of makeup is probably the last thing you want. Here are some great products I recommend for the busy mom you are! Stay flawless on the go! Let’s get started… note: Please know, these are products I recommend based on the clients I worked with & from my own experience.

1. Clinique! I love this brand for the mom on the go! I worked for them full time for over a year. It’s the place for the day to day mom! I saw busy moms of all kinds walking in and out, daily! So why Clinique?

  • The product is hypoallergenic.
  • They have options for your skin type. If you’re a mom with redness like rosacea, they have that too!
  • Makeup and Skincare all in one brand.

Here are some great Clinique products to try.

Clarosonic| This brush is my favorite to this day. You won’t believe how soft and gentle it is on your skin. I leave it in the shower, this way I don’t forget to wash my face. It’s been working great, battery last is awesome! It’s a great way to not skip washing your face. You won’t skip taking a shower, so by having it ready in the shower makes it a great life hack.

High Impact & Lash Doubling Mascara | There’s not a day I didn’t sell these mascaras. It’s the perfect everyday mascara. It adds length to my eye lashes and I love it.

Clinique BIY Blend It Yourself Pigment Drops | OMG! Clinique really knows their clients, especially moms. If you’re in a rush, turn your moisturizer into a BB or CC cream and done! You can get going with the busy day. For fuller coverage foundation just add 3 drops and blend well.

  • Clinique Fresh Pressed System | Another of their most recent De-aging system that can also be mixed with your moisturizer! So what is it? A Vitamin C System! Get up every morning, cleans your skin with a new fresh package cleanser powder, rinse with water and boost your skin with quickly adding two drops of their fresh pressed daily booster (which you can write the date on) into your moisturizer and go!! Repeat this every day in your morning routine. Quick and fast right? There’s actually a funny video about this great De-aging product for the busy mom you are. If you would like more information about this amazing product or “how to” to properly use it. I suggest visiting a Clinique counter! Clinique really focuses on training their employees about their product. Also, their site is really informative! Click here to learn more about this new Vitamin C System.

Here are the products + my favorites!

2. Bare Minerals. This one is a no-brainer. I could go on about the benefits of this brand, this is also a brand that has clients walking in and out. So why Bare Minerals?

  • Award- Winning Mineral Makeup!
  • Good for your skin
  • Easy steps

Here are some great Bare Minerals products to try.

  • Original or Matte Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 15 |  This is one of the products they’re known for. Did you know it’s made with only 5 mineral ingredients? It’s crazy I know! This nice foundation can easily be blended for your busy days. You can easily build up coverage, and I recommend using their brush that works perfectly well with the foundation. It’s a great foundation for days on the go!
  • Mineral Veil | Setting your makeup is important and making it quick & easy it’s the way to go!
  • Matte liquid lip color | Oh yes!! This has to be one of my favorite makeup products by Bare Minerals. The liquid lipstick is still a trend! Bare Minerals caught on just right. While I worked at a previous beauty counter. I always had mature women or moms that wanted a long lasting lipstick. As usual, before I suggest a lipstick I always asked if they’ve heard of a liquid lipstick? I showed them the benefits. Which are. Long lasting, feels lighter on the lips and stays in place! But why did I showed them Bare minerals liquid lipstick over the other brands? The HYDRATION! and easy to remove. I love liquid lipstick and I’ve managed to find my tricks and hacks to wear any liquid lipstick. However, this is a topic for the mom on the go and I’m sure you don’t want drying lips. These liquid lipsticks are just beautiful. Worth the try. + They got NEW Lip Matte Liquid Lipcolor! Exciting!!
  • Bare PRO | A little more coverage and long wear foundation? Zero liquid, no mess. Just something to go. It’s breathable and can you believe it’s 90% Vitamins and Minerals? Silky, just smooth. I love the finish look on the skin. So easy and quick to apply.



3.Tarte. This is a great brand as well. It’s also a favorite for moms just as much as young girls. Including people with sensitive skin. Their product is actually great for sensitive skin. Great quality. Did you know they have vegan deodorant? Well, now you know!

Why Tarte? Well, their site says it. High Performace naturals, offers some vegan and gluten free products.

Here are some great Tarte products to try.

  • Tarteist PRO to go palette | This is a very tiny, slim and lightweight palette version of one of their most recent PRO palette. I love this mini palette. While working retail, I suggested this palette for a gift, for the moms on the go or newbies jumping into makeup. Like young girls. It has 3 matte colors and 3 shimmers. All 6 shades are perfect for the day look & adding a little more to convert it to a soft evening look. The matte color is perfect for the crease, and the shimmers are also perfect for highlighting.
  • Tarteist PRO glow to go highlight & contour palette | What’s also more perfect than having something to add for the rest of the face that’s also slim and lightweight! Also the mini palette, but for contour & highlighting!
  • Shape Tape Contour Concealer | Oh yesss! AGAIN. I love the NARS Cosmetics concealers and this recent one by Tarte is just as good! Girl, you can’t skip trying this one. Long lasting, creamy and just perfect vegan-friendly concealer.
  • Amazonian Clay 12-hour Full Coverage Foundation SPF 15 | This is a great one for oily skin. I love applying it with a beauty blender! It’s so lightweight and gives a beautiful finish look. Perfect looking skin. Long wear and Amazonian clay is an ingredient, good vitamin A & B too, and gives a fade appearance of pores. Quick to apply, looks and feels great on the skin & you’ll be ready for your busy day! Worth the try, I’m telling you!


 So why do I recommend these brands for the mom on the go?  

Trendy- They have the new trends in the beauty industry, such as liquid lipstick! Bare Minerals is my favorite for more mature women or someone who dislikes dry lips. It’s a must! Clinique also has a few liquid lipsticks too. They won’t dry your lips either. However, I feel Bare Minerals adds more hydration. Tarte is just a great brand to try. Women of all ages walked up to me asking for Tarte while I worked at a previous cosmetics counter. I was surprised to find out by a client that Tarte is one of the very few brands that she can wear near the eyes without an allergic reaction! Pigments are awesome, and they recently launched individual eyeshadow colors. With that being said, I hope you found this post useful or helpful!

xoxo Izzy 🙂


How to clean your makeup brushes fast!

Cinema Secrets Brush cleaner Tin

How would you like to dip your makeup brush just once? You can with this professional brush cleaner!

Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner is perfect for all artist. I got introduced to it during my Make-up Artistry Program. Taught by professionals in the state of California. This is the brush cleaner they recommend and use. It’s a rinse-free formula, vanilla scented. I’m not the biggest fan of vanilla. To prevent smelling the scent I like to do a little extra cleanse to my brushes. I’m currently using MAC. It’s gentle & the scent is nice.

Note: Please know this post includes affiliate links.Did I mention Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner is also cruelty-free? Ha! Nice right? It’s great for both natural and synthetic makeup brushes. It really does condition my brushes! I love it. If you’re like me and use metal tools and spatulas. This cleaner is also great for them too, and according to their site, you can even use it to remove traces of wax. To clean your brushes, you can use it multiple ways. As shown in this video, I like to dip my makeup brushes. But you can also spray it. If you would like to read more about this amazing brush cleaner, you can visit their site cinemasecrets.com! Their site explains how-to use their brush cleaner.

Check out my video right from YouTube! Here.

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I hope you enjoy this post! xoxo Izzy 🙂

ESP|¿Cómo te gustaría mojar tu cepillo de maquillaje solo una vez? ¡Usted puede con este limpiador profesional de brochas!

Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner es perfecto para todos los artistas. Descubri de este producto durante mi Curso de Maquillaje Artístico. Enseñado por profesionales en el estado de California. Este es el limpiador de brochas que recomiendan y usan. Es una fórmula sin necesidad de enjuagar tu brocha, con aroma a vainilla. No soy el mayor fan de la vainilla. Para evitar oler el olor todo el tiempo, me gusta hacer un poco de limpieza extra a mis brochas. Actualmente estoy utilizando MAC. Es suave y el olor es agradable.

¿Mencioné que Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner también es libre de crueldad? ¡JA! ¿Que bien, verdad? Es ideal para las brochas de maquillaje naturales y sintéticos. ¡Realmente condiciona mis brochas! Me encanta. Si eres como yo y usas herramientas metálicas y espátulas. Este limpiador también es ideal para ellos también, e incluso para eliminar los rastros de cera, de acuerdo a su pagina. Puedes usarlo de múltiples maneras. Como te muestro en este video, me gusta mojar mis brochas de maquillaje. Pero usted puede rociar o regar. Si usted quisiera leer más sobre este limpiador de brochas de maquillaje asombroso, puede visitar su sitio cinemasecrets.com! Su sitio explica cómo usar su limpiador para tus brochas de maquillaje.

¡Echa un vistazo a mi video desde YouTube! Aquí.

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Espero que disfrutaste y aprendiste algo en este post! Xoxo Izzy 🙂

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Here’s a great way to keep your beauty blender clean! Check out my first mini YouTube video! This rose gold egg shape holder for your beauty blender is the most adorable and cutest thing ever. This holder is cute even when it’s empty. I keep two. One for the vanity and the other one for the sink, this way I make sure I wash it & has a cute little home. It fits perfectly.

Esp| ¡Aquí está una gran manera para mantener su esponga de maquillaje (beauty blender) limpia! ¡Echa un vistazo a mi primer mini video de YouTube! Este soporte de la forma de huevo rosa de oro para su esponga de belleza, beauty blender, es la cosa más adorable y más lindo que nunca. Este lindo incluso cuando está vacío. Yo mantengo dos. Uno para la vanidad y el otro para el baño, de esta manera me aseguro que nunca esté tirado y se mantenga limpia. Queda perfecto, pues la medida es perfecta.


 I hope you enjoy this post! Stay tuned for the next mini video. xoxo -Izzy |Espero alla disfrutado de este post! Permanezca atento para el siguiente mini video. Xoxo -Izzy

Check out my first YouTube video right from YouTube here !

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