Hello! Welcome back to another beauty topic/product review! And it is all about eye cream. I’m excited to announce I collaborated with VIIcode SkinCare for today’s post! Wrinkles and extreme dark circles or discoloration of the skin is my biggest fear/concern. But who’s isn’t?

Let’s begin. Did you know your skin around the eye is the most sensitive skin part of your face? Or perhaps you weren’t aware that even applying too much product can actually lead to a bad thing? Yes, I know! It also surprised me when I first learned this. Thanks to my beautiful and well put together Esthetician Instructor. I learned that everything we do on a daily basis truly matters because it reflects on our skin!

Here are some reasons why I recommend you to apply your eye cream daily! + My experience with VII code skincare eye cream.

  1. Hydrate: Yes, I know what your thinking. “I’ll just apply my face moisturizer to my under eyes and I’m good to go!” NO. Again, our skin around our eye area is more fragile and just so delicate. So, we need to treat it as such by using a cream design just for that delicate skin. Eye Creams are formulated differently from our daily moisturizers. And because our eye area is more fragile, it can get dry and sometimes we get used to it and don’t even feel our skin dry. But dryness leads me to my next one.
  2. Anti-aging: So as I mentioned above. Our eye creams and moisturizers are formulated differently. Because the skin around the eye area is delicate, the creams contain more active ingredients and are thicker to protect our delicate, thin skin.
  3. Prep before makeup: One of my biggest key to a perfect skin makeup look is to prep your skin before applying your makeup! And having your skin and eye area hydrated is a great way to prep.

I’ve always had dark circles! It was the biggest reason I got into glasses and gave up contacts. Besides, that contacts can get uncomfortable, glasses just make it easier to hide the dark circles. Recently I decided to stop using glasses and got back to my prescription contacts. But begin to notice my dark circles again. Lucky me, the Oxygen eye cream arrived just in time. I received the 5ML T2 Oxygen Eye Cream. I’ve been giving it a try for the past few weeks now. I used just the tiny amount I need for my under eyes. I wanted to make sure I used it for a good minute, before giving it my thoughts.

Benefits as mentioned on their site.

  • Instantly feel moisturized and youthful.
  • Minimize the look of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Absorbs well with no residue.

So, I must admit. It moisturized instantly and indeed absorb quickly! There’s nothing more I love when any moisturizer or eye cream can absorb quickly. Because right after the skincare routine, the makeup comes. It also has a lovely scent! If you read my previous post. Suave Naturals VoxBox | Influenster. You might have learned that I am all about scents! I love when my skincare smells lovely, my body wash and just about everything I use. It also helped with any puffiness I had, if any, I’m lucky enough to not experience puffiness, at least not yet. If I ever do, I like to rinse my face with the water temperature slightly colder to help out a bit. 

How To Use

The cream is a beautiful Day/Evening eye cream that comes with “The Unique Crescent Activation Strip” (image on the left). A small massage tool.

First step. With my face already cleansed. As instructed, I gently apply to my eye area the Unique Crescent Activation Strip. At first, it was odd, because to be honest this Massage part with the Activation Strip was completely new to me. The instructions for use are on the back of the Strip’s packaging bag.




This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.


The eye cream is super tiny, as any eye cream is, but the amount sure is a bit less to what I usually get on other eye creams, however, when it comes to applying eye cream. A tiny amount needed will do! You actually don’t want to overdo it.  As instructed, I took the Strip to dab some product apply it and gently and smoothly massage.




The results of these last few weeks/days have been lovely! My undereye felt moisturized and I could smell the eye cream, which is always appealing, my dark circles minimize a bit! Dark circles have been my challenge forever, I tell you. But a good balance sleep, a good eye cream and avoiding too much black eyeliner, unless I really want to apply, sure did help the dark circles minimize as well.

BONUS: VII Code Skincare provides ingredients on their site! Click Here. They have the ingredients by ratings from Good to Best and categorized with detailed information! It’s actually pretty helpful and very informative.

That is all for today loves! I hope this post was helpful or informative. xoxo Izzy




My First Influenster VoxBox Experience.


Hello! Welcome back to another blog post 🙂 Today I’m sharing with you my experience of my Suave Naturals Body wash and Body Lotion I received as part of VoxBox from Influenster! If you haven’t heard of Influenster.com You’re totally missing out girlfriend! I recently discovered them on Facebook. I was curious about how girls are receiving FREE product to review without being bloggers! You are reading that correctly! WITHOUT BEING BLOGGERS/VLOGGERS. You don’t have to have a fancy website to join them and start receiving complimentary products to review. It’s a community for the beauty fanatics with some free goodies!! Yay!!! it’s HEAVEN.

If it’s new to you, let me give you a brief description of Influenters.com So you can get the hang of what I’m talking about.

Influenters.com or APP is a platform for us as customers, consumers of beauty, food, tech & electronics, pets, home, you name it! Product junkie fanatics. It’s got the latest NEWS on almost all of your favorite products, new discoveries, coupons and most common, REVIEWS. The best part. ANYONE can sign up and start discovering products, reading the latest news, and writing reviews GOOD or BAD. And also their 1-minute VIDEO reviews part of the game. They also have a scanner on their APP, so you can scan while shopping to get quick reviews from a REAL product junkie! And by participating in their campaigns, which they have plenty, you can earn points and FREE product to sample and review. Now, before I continue. Please know, there are some criteria in order to receive the VoxBox or VirtualBox. One is your impact score, which is your social media followers linked to your account. It’s the very first one I did. The other ones are by earning badges, which you can earn by participating in the community by answering and liking peoples questions/reviews as well as asking and writing your own questions and reviews. All of these can get you on the list to receive a VoxBox! Which is your complimentary product or sample to review and share on your Social Media platforms. There are also other ways to earn points, such as this one being one of them! By sharing my experience of my Suave Naturals on my blog I earn additional bonus points! After all, this is what my blog is all about!

Click MY INFLUENSTER REFERRAL LINK! I highly encourage you to. I myself, am still learning to use their app and participate to get on the list for future VoxBox! So, in case I’m mistaking any info, sign up with my referral link, as it also helps me to earn more points! And I highly encourage you to do the same and refer to your friends and family using your link once you’re in. Once you’re all set, scroll down and click on the ABOUT at the button of influenster.com to learn more about them and how to use it!

So, back to my review.

I received the Suave Almond and Shea Butter body wash and lotion. Suave is actually a brand my mother used to buy for me when I was younger. So, once I received my suave naturals voxbox, my first impression of the box, in general, was super exciting! I was super flattered! I think the packaging and scent were decent? I honestly would’ve not purchased it at random myself. Only because, I am all for smells! I love very sweet, floral and especially rose scents! However, the scent is not bad it’s actually nice, I personally think, if your someone who’s not into a sweet scent, I recommend it. My skin can get pretty sensitive. I sometimes get red rashes on my arms from almost anybody wash. Surprisingly I didn’t get as much with the Suave Almond and Shea Butter body wash, as I usually do from other brands. That was a big WOW for me. For that reason, there’s a potential chance I’ll purchase it in the future if I’m ever having a hard time with my rash again because I really liked these Suave natural ingredients. Which allows me to trust the brand more, considering my sensitive, dry skin. If you’ve been keeping up with my blogging journey and reading it, you know my skin can get pretty dry!Now, for the Suave Body lotion. My only disappointment was that it’s not hydrating enough for me. I still have it in my sink, just for my dry hands after I wash them, and a little bit on the arms because indeed, it absorbs quickly. I tried using it on my body, but sadly to this day, only my NIVEA Creme gets my body feeling wonderful. However, I do sometimes use it first before my Nivea.

The price is also a bonus! I’m not going to sit here and write to you that I always have it together. I’m just another human being that also has random life financial situations too, and knowing I can save me some pennies and still wash my body feeling freshly clean! Sure is a relief.

An additional thought for this product review is the UNDERARMS! I’m not sure about you ladies, but I know I dislike that feeling when a body wash doesn’t seem to really wash off my deodorant, or wash and exfoliate properly there. I was pretty happy to discover this complimentary Suave Naturals Body wash got the job done!

That is all for my review today! I hope you benefit or learned anything new today. Muah!!! xoxo Izzy








Hey, babes! I posted this look on my Facebook Page .  @izamar.rosas | Hola, chicas! Publiqué esta imagen en mi página de Facebook. @ izamar.rosas

I wanted to share with you guys the product details of this look! It definitely turned out to be a great look. I created it with the intentions to match my new Pink beanie I received over the holidays for Christmas from my sibling¡| Quería compartir con ustedes el detalle de este look! Definitivamente resultó bien. ¡Lo creé con las intenciones de combinar el gorrito rosa que recibí durante las vacaciones de parte de mi hermano para Navidad!

The beanie is from Zumiez! It’s one of my brother’s favorite store, and I don’t blame him. The beanie is Obey Subversion Pink Beanie! |¡El gorro es de Zumiez! Es una de las tiendas favoritas de mi hermano, y no lo culpo. El gorro es Obey Subver


Primer: MAC Cosmetics Prep & Prime

Foundation: TooFaced Cosmetics Born This Way Foundation. This is my favorite foundation again! Living in the state of Minnesota, the weather can get my skin pretty dry. This foundation is perfect for it. It keeps it hydrated and lasts all day long. |TooFaced Cosmeticos Born This Way Foundation. Esta es mi base favorita otra vez! Viviendo en el estado de Minnesota, el clima puede secar mi piel. Esta base es perfecta para eso. Mantiene mi rostro hidratada y dura todo el día.

Powder: Bare Minerals PRO compact powder.

Eye Makeup

For the eyes, I wanted to match my beanie without it being all Pink! I used one of my favorite palettes. The Modern Renaissance from Anastasia Beverly Hills! It’s not the most recent, but it remains one of my favorites. The shades are just gorgeous, and I absolutely recommend it to anyone! I made sure I blended it well with some browns. | Para los ojos, ¡quería combinar mi gorro sin que todo fuera rosado! Usé una de mis paletas favoritas. ¡El Renacimiento Moderno de Anastasia Beverly Hills! No es el más reciente, pero sigue siendo una de mis favoritas. Los tonos son preciosos, ¡y absolutamente lo recomiendo a cualquiera! Me aseguré de mezclarlo bien con algunos marrones/cafe.

For the center of my eyelid, the pop in there! I used MAC Cosmetics Pigment in the color “Vanilla”! It’s such a gorgeous color, it can look so simple but using it right can make it really pop! It’s got some gold-ish to it. Which, I love. |Para el centro de mi párpado, ¡el pop que ven! ¡Utilicé MAC Cosmetics Pigment en el color “Vanilla”! Es un color tan hermoso, puede verse muy simple, pero al usarlo bien puede hacerlo realmente resaltar. Tiene un poco de oro. Que me encanta.

The eyelashes are my current favorite from Ardell Beauty. Ardell is one of my favorite eyelash brands due to the quality and price. Any great quality brand that remains affordable always get my recommendation! The lashes are Double Wispies. I use them about 3 times before I tossed them away.| Las pestañas son mis favoritas actual de Ardell Beauty. Ardell es una de mis marcas de pestañas favoritas debido a la calidad y el precio. Cualquier marca de gran calidad que siga a un buen precio siempre recibe mi recomendación. Las pestañas son Wispies dobles. Las uso unas 3 veces antes de arrojarlos.


NYX: Sandstorm. This is one of my favorite liquid lipsticks. I love NYX in general | Tormenta de arena (Sandstorm). Esta es una de mis labiales líquidos favoritos. Me encanta la marca de NYX en general.


Anastasia Beverly Hills remains my main. I usually use one product, but lately, for the sake of some selfies! LOL, I’ve been into two. The brow definer and pomade. Both in the shades “Ebony”. I always start with a small amount, soft and gentle as I build it up. |Anastasia Beverly Hills sigue siendo mi marca principal para las cejas. Usualmente uso un producto, pero últimamente, ¡por el bien de algunos selfies! JaJa, he estado usando dos. El definidor de cejas y la pomada. Ambos en el color “Ebony”. Siempre comienzo con una pequeña cantidad, suave y gentil mientras la desarrollo.

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I hope this post was helpful!! Thanks for stopping by! 💋 xoxo Izzy¡

Espero que esta publicación haya sido útil! ¡Gracias por pasar!


Facebook Group by www.izamarrosas.com

Hey, gorgeous!!

Welcome to another blog post. If you’re new, welcome! I’m glad you stopped by.

Babes, today I want to announce my new 2018 goal! My first ever Facebook Group! It’s a group I created just for beauty bloggers, YouTubers, Instagram and more. Makeup Geeks Squad! How cool is that? On a second thought, I could have named it that way too? LOL Join my new Facebook group of Beauty & Lifestyle Influencers here.

Here’s the group Description.

(Please be aware this is a new small group and as it grows rules may change.)

This group is created to share our blogs, Instagram selfies, YouTube vids and more! This group is to support each other, collaborate, make friends, give suggestions and most important, share the love for BEAUTY & Lifestyle! Helping each other on our journey of Influencers!
I will try to make it as easy as I can, without crazy rules!



Muah!! xoxo Izzy

Find my blog and social below!


Facebook Page:https://www.facebook.com/izamar.rosas/


YouTube Channel here

Making a group is new to me and running it will be new too. But I am determined and want to create a community that can support each other, without the fuzzy drama and most important without the crazy rules so many groups have me quit. I understand some of us are still working our 9-5s and some are moms etc! With that being said, I hope you decide to join and find this post helpful! Tag along with the journey! 😝😘

Request to join here

Thanks for stopping by! xoxo Izzy 💋


Hello, beautiful friends! Welcome to another Amazon beauty product blog post that makes you want to spend your money! Because it’s soo cheap! But, is it worth it?

ESP| Hola, bell@s amig@s! ¡Bienvenid@ a otra publicación del blog de productos de belleza de Amazon que te hace desear gastar tu dinero! ¡Porque es tan barato! ¿Pero vale la pena?

So, depending on your age. This might be true to you or this is just a bunch of BS. On my last post, I let you guys know about The Famous $10 USD Glitter Eyeshadow Palette, that’s been trending all over social media. Except that it’s being sold at different prices varying between $20 USD to over $30 USD and we found it for $10! Same palette, different name. *Cough, Cough* Private Label.

Bueno, dependiendo de tu edad. Esto podría ser cierto para ti o esto es solo un montón de M****. En mi última publicación, les cuento sobre la famosa Paleta de Sombras de Ojos de $ 10 USD, que ha estado en todas las redes sociales. ¡Excepto que se vende a diferentes precios que varían entre $ 20 USD a más de $ 30 USD y lo encontramos por $ 10 USD! La misma paleta, diferente nombre. * Tos, tos * Cosmeticos de Marca Privada.

I also mentioned to you guys in my latest post, that cheap brands, knockoffs, dupes however you wish to call it etc are literally everywhere right now! For your safety, I don’t recommend the makeup. But what about the brushes? Well, I wanted to give them a try, the images are so good that I believe any young girl that’s just getting into makeup will want to purchase them and especially for the price.

I ordered two different kinds. It took a while for me to receive my order, to be honest!

También les mencioné en mi última publicación, que las marcas baratas, imitaciones, engaños, como quiera llamarlo, están literalmente en todas partes ahora mismo. Para tu seguridad, no recomiendo el maquillaje. Pero, ¿Las brochas? Bueno, quería darles una prueba, por que las imágenes son tan buenas que creo que cualquier jovencita que está empezando en el mundo del maquillaje las compraría por ver la imagen y mas por el precio.

Ordene dos brochas diferentes. Para ser honesta, me tomó un tiempo para recibir mi pedido! 

I tried to record a video doing some makeup using the brushes, it was a total FAIL! LOL ! This was before getting back to my prescription contacts too. The brushes don’t feel stiff like I imagined they would, however, I wouldn’t say they’re the softest either. The blending brushes were my least favorite. But I did an eye makeup look with the rest of the brushes. I’m not sure if I’ll end up adding the Amazon brushes to the rest of my eye makeup brushes, but I am for sure using some of them for the inner corner of my eyes, some glitter, highlighting my brow area and my favorite one….. Halloween makeup looks and any other random transformations that may require glitter! I don’t really like to use my good brushes for Halloween. I don’t like to ruin them. Especially if I’m using pigmented color, blood etc. So these brushes are perfect for that time of the year! I am for sure going to order some more once it gets closer to the spooky looks! Especially for the price. I usually go to Michaels to purchase some cheap brushes, usually the package deal, specifically for Halloween, but I always end up with some extra brushes I never use because they’re simply not makeup brushes! They don’t work the same, the bristles are too long or something! So, are the Amazon Cheap brushes worth it? I think so, as long as you’re not expecting them to work like your favorite Morphe, MAC or Sephora brushes… No girlfriend. They make a cute gift for teenager girls just starting makeup, my niece is a year 3 old that loves to see her mom and I get makeup on and she usually likes to pick up on some brushes too. And again, for Halloween, I think you can’t go wrong with these! Just keep in mind it took a while to get them delivered!
Here’s an image of the eye look I did using the brushes. Again, I didn’t like the blending brushes, so for this look, I did use my current favorite blending brush #17 by Lancome. Lashes are the Double Wispies by Ardell Beauty!
Traté de grabar un video haciendo un poco de maquillaje con las brochas, ¡Fue un fracaso total! Jaja! Pero esto fue antes de volver a mis contactos recetados. Las brochas no se sienten rígidos como imaginaba, sin embargo, no diría que son las más suaves. Las “Blending” brochas fueron mis menos favoritas. Pero hice un look de maquillaje de ojos con el resto de las brochas. No estoy seguro si terminaré añadiendo las brochas que ordene de Amazon con el resto de mis brochas de maquillaje, pero estoy segura de que usaré algunas de ellas para el rincón interno de mis ojos, algo de brillo, y mi favorito … ¡El maquillaje de Halloween y cualquier otra transformación que pueda requerir brillos! Realmente no me gusta usar mis buenas brochas de maquillaje para Halloween. No me gusta arruinarlas. Especialmente si uso colores pigmentados, sangre, etc. ¡Estas brochas son perfectas para esa época del año! ¡Estoy segura de que voy a ordenar algunas más una vez que se acerque Halloween! Especialmente por el precio. Normalmente voy a la tienda de Michaels a comprar algunos pinceles baratos, generalmente el paquete, específicamente para Halloween, pero siempre termino con algunos pinceles adicionales que nunca uso porque simplemente no son pinceles/brochas de maquillaje. ¡No funcionan igual, las cerdas son demasiado largas o algo así! Entonces, ¿Son las brochas que orde en Amazon valen la pena? Creo que sí, siempre y cuando no esperes que sean como tus brochas favoritas de Morphe, MAC o Sephora … No, amiga. Si hacen un lindo regalo para las adolescentes que recién empiezan a maquillarse, mi sobrina tiene 3 años por ejemplo y le encanta ver a su mamá y a mi vernos maquillando y a ella también le gusta coger algunos pinceles/brochas. Y nuevamente, para Halloween, ¡creo que no puedes equivocarte con estas! ¡Solo ten en cuenta que el envio se tardo un tiempo!
Aquí hay una imagen del maquillaje  que hice usando los pinceles. Una vez más, no me gustaron las blending brushes, por lo que para este aspecto, utilicé mi blending brush favorita # 17 de Lancome. ¡Las pestañas son las Wispies dobles de Ardell Beauty!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Stay tuned for more and I hope you guys enjoyed the holidays! Muah! xoxo Izzy
Bueno, espero que hayas disfrutado esta publicación en el blog. Estén atent@s para más y espero que hayan disfrutado de las vacaciones navideñas! Muah! xoxo Izzy

Private Label Cosmetics

(Cosméticos De Marca Privada) 

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Hello Beautiful! Welcome back to another blog post! This is a serious one. Lately, I’ve noticed there’s a lot of products online. Such as duplicates of big cosmetic brands that mainly come from China. Today’s post involves a little bit of teaching. If you’ve never heard of Private Label Cosmetics, this might be all new to you. So, I’d get me some coffee, or whatever drink you love to drink, get cozy and keep reading.

ESP| ¡Hola hermosas! ¡Bienvenid@s de nuevo a otra publicación de blog! Esta es seria. Últimamente, noté que hay muchos productos en línea. Duplicados de grandes marcas de cosméticos que provienen de China. La publicación de hoy implica un poco de enseñanza. Si nunca has oído hablar de Private Label Cosmetics (cosméticos de marca privada) esta publicación podría ser algo nuevo para ti. Entonces, tomaria un poco de café, o cualquier bebida que te guste beber, me pondria cómoda y seguiría leyendo.

So, what’s Private Label Cosmetics?  It’s products such a makeup, skincare, brushes etc from a manufacturer that you can purchase and sell under your own brand’s name at whatever price you wish to sell. So, anyone who doesn’t have the money to start their own beauty and/or cosmetic line with their own formulas, testing, and everything else that comes along. Can easily start with Private Label Cosmetics, add their logo, site and sell it under their name. Now, I’m not saying this is bad. I have nothing against it. I myself, at one point, considered private label cosmetics. But quickly decided not to by knowing that with today’s advanced technology + social media. A lot of girls are starting to catch on this. Finding the same eyeshadow palette with different brand names for different prices! Which brings me back to today’s blog post! One of the famous glitter eyeshadow palettes! I kept seen this one everywhere for different prices, so I knew it was a private label palette. But finding the one brand that sold it the cheapest became a journey.

ESP| Entonces, ¿qué es Cosméticos de marca Privada? Son productos tales como el maquillaje, cuidado de la piel, pinceles, etc. de un fabricante que puedes comprar y vender con el nombre de su propia marca al precio que desee vender. Entonces, cualquiera que no tenga el dinero para comenzar su propia línea de belleza y / o cosméticos con sus propias fórmulas, pruebas y todo lo demás que se presente. Puede comenzar fácilmente con Private Label Cosmetics (cosméticos de marca privada) agregar su logotipo, sitio y venderlo bajo su nombre. Ahora, no estoy diciendo que esto sea malo. Yo no tengo nada contra ello. Yo misma, en un momento dado, consideré los cosméticos de marca privada como un inicio para crear mi propia marca. Pero rápidamente decidi no hacerlo, sabiendo que con la tecnología avanzada + las redes sociales actuales. Muchas chicas están empezando a entender esto. ¡Encontrando la misma paleta de sombras de ojos con diferentes nombres de marcas a diferentes precios! Lo que me lleva de vuelta a la publicación de hoy! ¡Una de las famosas paletas de sombras de ojos brillantes! Encontre esta sombra en todas partes a diferentes precios, así que sabía que era una paleta de cosméticos de marca privada. Pero encontrar la única marca que lo venda lo más barato, se convirtió en un viaje.

Thanks to my beautiful, makeup geek, and professional makeup artist friend in CA. Chrystina Marie, (@queenofkaiju on IG) She posted about the same eyeshadow palette, she’d seen it everywhere for different prices, but found it for only $10 USD! So, I quickly reached out and asked her WHERE!? I let her know I’ve been trying to find it, the cheapest that I could, to share with you ladies. To my surprise. She found it at my favorite online place. AMAZON!

ESP| Gracias a mi hermosa geek de maquillaje y amiga profesional del maquillaje en California. Chystina Marie, (@queenofkaiju en IG) Publicó sobre la misma paleta de sombras de ojos, ella igual había visto la sombra en todas partes a diferentes precios, ¡pero ella la encontró por solo $ 10 USD! Entonces, rápidamente le pregunte ¿DÓNDE? Le hice saber que he estado tratando de encontrar la misma sombra lo mas barato que pueda, para compartir con ustedes. Para mi sorpresa. Encontró la sombra de brillo en mi lugar favorito en línea. ¡AMAZON.COM CHICAS!

The Eyeshadow Glitter palette I ordered is from this amazon account. Here are a few downside things to be aware of before you purchase if you wish to. The only two reviews of this palette on Amazon are negative, the shipment took forever. I had no option for fast shipping. It also arrived with the edges of the palette looking a bit used? So, could this be a duplicate? Maybe. But again girl, this is a review of the cheapest identical palette I could find, that’s seen everywhere for different prices. Then googled the palette, and came to find different sites with prices anywhere between $20 USD to over $30 USD. Which, leads me to think it’s more of a private label cosmetics than a duplicate. Usually, duplicates are easier to spot on, because usually, it’s an identical product to a brand we all know.  Please be aware, some of these products on Amazon are duplicates of brands like KylieCosmetics, HudaBeauty and more. Before purchasing be aware of the ingredients. It’s for your safety! But it’s your decision to purchase whatever you wish, at the end of the day. This is my first time starting to purchase such products from brands I’m not sure of yet for reviews and I wanted to bring some awareness to you guys! I hope today’s blog post was informative and helpful! Much love, xoxo Izzy.

ESP| La sombra de brillo que ordene pertenece a esta cuenta de Amazon. Hay algunas cosas a tener en cuenta antes de comprar, si así lo desea. Las únicas dos revisiones de esta sombra en Amazon son negativas, el envío se demoró. No tuve otra opción para envío rápido. También llegó con los bordes de la paleta un poco sucia, usada? Entonces, ¿podría ser un duplicado? Tal vez. Pero otra vez chicas, esta es una revisión de la sombra de brillo idéntica a muchas lo más barata que pude encontrar, que se ve en todas partes a diferentes precios. Tambien busqué la sombra en Google y encontré diferentes sitios con precios entre $ 20 USD y más de $ 30 USD. Lo cual, me lleva a pensar que es más posible que sea de Cosmético de Marca Privada que un duplicado. Por lo general, los duplicados son más fáciles de detectar, porque, por lo general, es un producto idéntico a una marca que todos conocemos. Tenga en cuenta que algunos de estos productos en Amazon son duplicados, como KylieCosmetics, HudaBeauty y más. Antes de comprar, ten en cuenta los ingredientes. ¡Es por tu seguridad! Pero al final del dia, es tu decisión comprar lo que desees. Esta es la primera vez que compro productos de marcas de las que aún no estoy segura. ¡Pero quería concienciarlos a ustedes chicas! ¡Espero que la publicación de hoy sea informativa y útil! Mucho amor, xoxo Izzy.

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Hey everyone! Welcome back to another blog post. I’m excited about this one. As you guys know, I am a fan of wigs!! I love them and use them everytime I want to recreate a look to share with you. Wigs are my jewelry for transformations, just like makeup, lashes, color contacts and more! Like I’ve told you, ladies, there’s nothing wrong with playing around with all things beauty. But remember to always love yourself first. Let’s get started.

ESP| ¡Hola chi@s! Bienvenid@s de nuevo a otra publicación de blog. Estoy entusiasmada con este post. Como ustedes saben, ¡soy una fanática de las pelucas! Las amo y las uso cada vez que quiero recrear un look para compartir con ustedes. ¡Las pelucas son mis joyas para transformaciones, como el maquillaje, pestañas, contactos de color pupilentes y más! Como les dije antes, señoritas, no tiene nada de malo explorar con todas las cosas de belleza. Pero recuerda amarte a ti misma primero, siempre. Empecemos…

Human Hair wigs is an online store with amazing prices. They also offer hair care products, which is a plus. There’s a variety of things on their site including makeup. But my favorite is their wig selection. I was amazed by them and more by their prices! They offer a variety of colors and styles including Ombre! My favorite! Their prices range from over $100 USD to under $30 USD! Talk about heaven.

ESP| Pelucas de cabello humano es una tienda en línea con precios increíbles. También ofrecen productos para el cuidado del cabello, lo cual es una ventaja. Hay una variedad de cosas en su sitio, incluido el maquillaje. Pero mi favorito es su selección de peluca. ¡Me sorprendieron y más por sus precios! ¡Ofrecen una variedad de colores y estilos, incluido efecto Ombre! ¡Mi favorito! ¡Sus precios van desde más de $ 100 DEU hasta menos de $ 30 DEU! 

I love playing with color wigs. One of the things I found hard at first with wigs were my roots. So, finding a wig with fun colors and dark roots is a must. This way is easier if it’s your first time. Wigs also help decide if you would like to change your hair color. I always give myself a budget, and I’m excited about BlackHairspray offering high-end wigs at great prices. Here are a few of my favorite picks from their online store.

ESP| Me encanta jugar con pelucas de colores. Una de las cosas que encontré difícil al principio con pelucas fueron mis raíces. Por lo tanto, es imprescindible encontrar una peluca con colores divertidos y raíces oscuras. De esta manera es más fácil si es tu primera vez para adaptarte al cambio.  Las pelucas también ayudan a decidir si te gustaría cambiar el color de su cabello. Siempre me doy un presupuesto, y estoy entusiasmado con BlackHairspray.com que ofrece pelucas de alta gama a excelentes precios. Aquí hay algunas de mis selecciones favoritas de su tienda en línea.

It’s A Wig! Swiss Synthetic Lace Front Wig – Daydream

*Price right NOW $39.95 USD Color Shown: NTT BLUE *Precio AHORA MISMO $ 39.95 USD Color que se muestra: NTT BLUE


Model Model Human Hair Blend Artist Lace Front Wig – AT-215

*Price right NOW $39.95 USD Color Shown: OT530 * Precio AHORA MISMO $ 39.95 USD Color que se muestra: OT530

Natural 100% Brazilian Virgin Remi Swiss 4×4 Lace Wig – Natural Yaki

*Price right NOW $119.95 Color – Natural *Precio ahora mismo $ 119.95 dolares Precio Orig. $ 239.95 dolares Color – Natural


Outre Synthetic Quick Weave Complete Cap Wig – Marie  

*Price right NOW $19.95 Color Shown: DRPINK

*Precio ahora mismo $ 19.95 usd Color que se muestra: DRPINK

There’s so much more on their site! I just couldn’t fit them all. You ladies will love them and fall in love with the prices. I hope you ladies find this post useful! If you’re afraid of wigs, my advice is to start with something close to your natural hair color. Adding a hoddie also does the trick if you’re insecure in public! If you’re like me and you love to use them for different transformation looks. Adding some amazing makeup will enhance it even more. Don’t be afraid to explore! I encourage you to do!  xoxo Izzy

ESP|¡Hay mucho más en su sitio! Chi@s amarán la tienda y se enamorarán de los precios. ¡Espero que les parezca útil esta publicación! Si le temen a las pelucas, mi consejo es comenzar con algo parecido a su color de cabello natural. ¡Agregar un hoddie también funciona si estas insegura en público! Si eres como yo y te encanta usar pelucas para diferentes looks de transformación. Agregar un maquillaje increíble lo mejorará aún más. ¡No tengas miedo de explorar! ¡Te animo a que lo hagas! xoxo Izzy