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“My favorite IM Mascara and why YOU need to try it!”


“I swear, whenever I interview any Mexican celebrity, they say that they love this mascara,” says Lopez. “It’s infused with mamey-seed oil.”

The fruit is loaded with vitamins and helps condition lashes. –

InStyle November 2015 Issue: Beauty International Shopping List

My favorite mascara is starting to expend! And thanks to I don’t have to ask someone to bring me a tube from my country. Along with Amazon, where I literally purchase everything. A few years back, I would have never imagined that I would be writing about the mascara that changed my LIFE! Literally. Here’s the thing about being a girl. We all LOVE beautiful long lashes. We admire and even envy those with the most beautiful natural lashes. So, I fell in love with this mascara by mistake. Let me tell you the story behind why and how I lost ALL of my eyelashes from my left eyelid, and how this mascara brought them back to life.

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It all started the day I learned about an eyelash curler. That thing looked so scary!! I was under the age of 15. I wasn’t lucky enough to have natural curl lashes. My eye lashes are straight as my hair! But they’re actually not short, which is a plus. I just needed an eyelash curler + mascara in my life and boom! Life complete, or so I thought. The second I dominated how to use an eyelash curler, I applied the first mascara I got to my hands. To my disappointment, a few seconds after applying mascara to my curl lashes, my eyelashes went back to straight! The curl was gone. They didn’t even last a minute. At first I thought it was the mascara, so I begin to purchase different brands thinking I would find the one! You guessed it. I never found the one, at least not at the time. So, I begin to do what I like to call “tiplash” trick. It’s when I only applied mascara to the tips of my eyelashes, that was the only way my lashes remained curled. I still use this trick to this day, just differently. Which I will talk about in a different post.

Long story short. One day while I was in my country, with the eyelash curler I accidentally pulled off almost ALL of my eyelashes from my left eyelid. I should of never applied body lotion to my hands before curling my lashes, and I shouldn’t have been so cheap with my eyelash curler at the time. Girl, I’m telling you. I almost cried. I applied thick eyeliner and I was glad I had glasses!

All concerned, I asked my friend if she noticed anything and finally after telling her the truth behind my question, she laughed a little bit and said “Izamar! Just use this mascara and they will grow back to normal!” … Say what now?

Yes! Made with Mamey seed oil. This mascara helped my lashes grow back! Now, you might be wondering how I even applied mascara to an eyelid with  no lashes? Well, I literally begin to apply this mascara to my few chopped lashes. I also applied it to my right eyelid lashes. Expecting my lashes to lose their curl, to my surprise they DIDN’T. I waited to see. Waited, waited, waited and waited and OMG! My lashes remained nice and curled. Not even just curled, but actually the way I curled every one of them with the eyelash curler. That was my first experience of LOVE at first TRY with cosmetics. My lashes grew back to normal, quick and beautiful.

So what’s the secret behind the mascara? The answer is simple. Mamey Seed Oil + more. You can learn more about it in the link below.

Benefits of Mamey Seed Oil Mascara

So here are a few things from theebella’s site. Where they specializes in high-quality products that are not easy to find in the U.S. market.

  • All made with 90% natural ingredients

  • Mascara with Mamey Seed Oil.

  • TheeBella’s #1 selling product was recently featured by InStyle magazine as one of the best international beauty products. The secret ingredient to this mascara’s formula is the mamey-seed oil. Mamey-seed oil conditions your lashes and helps them grow thicker and longer.

  • These products have never been tested in animals and they promote the protection of the environment

  • natural organic oils, antioxidants and mineral plant extracts and hypoallergenic formula that is enriched with vitamin E.


It truly makes me proud to blog about my favorite mascara! Not only because it changed my life, but because it comes from my own country and as a new beauty blogger, Mexican born. This post is a dream.

And girl, or gentlemen if that’s the case. If you yourself, or someone you know struggles with lashes like mine. Have lost their lashes, have thin lashes or simply want longer, healthier and thicker lashes. Tag them to this post! And did I mentioned the price? You can find it for $6 dollars up to $10. Depending where you purchase it. The price is so affordable, it’s worth the try! Be patient with the mascara. Magic won’t happen one day to another, but if you have a hard time keeping your lashes curled, magic WILL happen. I love to use this mascara as a base before false lashes, and even just as my mascara base to maintain the lashes curled and then use my “tiplash” trick with other mascara brands if I want to be more dramatic. I hope you found this helpful.

To learn more about this mascara, you can visit where you can also purchase it, or if you have an Amazon account, you can purchase it there too.

-xoxo Izzy



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